Human Resource Management

    Founded in 2013
    Gurugram, Haryana
    50 employees


    Infeedo is a people analytics and employee engagement platform that helps clients’ HR departments automate feedback from employees so that they can focus on action points instead of spending time on creating reports. It helps organizations act on real time employee feedback and suggestions to continuously improve culture.

    One of the most challenging problems for organisations today is to retain and engage employees by understanding their talent and communicating with them at every step, especially when employees find it difficult to have their concerns heard. Disengaged employees are not only less productive but also a huge threat to the growth of the business itself.

    To solve this, Infeedo came up with chatbot “Amber” to have a personalised touchpoint with the employees of a company. The chatbot can interact with these employees at certain milestones in their life cycle at the company. The company has been using AI in HR to solve and predict problems like attrition and measure the culture of their organisation in real-time.


    Tanmaya Jain

    Tanmaya Jain


    Tanmaya Jain is the Founder and CEO of inFeedo. He founded the company in 2013. Tanmaya did his in CS...

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    Amber helps leaders in organisations to continuously communicate and predict staff’s behaviour and sentiments, assisting in retaining the talent. This allows CEOs and company heads to do a regular culture evaluation of their organisation.



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