Hospitality , BFSI , Healthcare

    Founded in 2013
    Mumbai, Maharashtra
    175 employees


    Haptik is a Conversational AI company offering chatbot solutions for: Publishers - it offers Software Development Kit which can be integrated by any app to enable utility and transactions’ chatbots, Advertisers - the solution enables advertisers to engage users on Haptik’s publisher network through chatbots, Enterprises - the solution tool kit facilitates businesses in deploying chatbots to automate customer support across their website, Facebook messenger or mobile apps, Consumers - a 24x7 chat-based personal assistant that helps users with tasks like booking cabs or flight tickets, etc.

    Haptik has reached over 100 million devices, processed over 2 Billion conversations. Global market. Annual run-rate of Rs. 15 crores. Growth at 1000%. Future in voice-first conversations. In 2019, Reliance Jio Digital acquired an 87% stake for Rs 700 crore.


    Aakrit Vaish

    Co-founder & CEO
    Aakrit Vaish

    Co-founder & CEO

    Aakrit completed his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois. As Co-Founder & CEO of...

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    Swapan Rajdev

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    Co-founder & CTO
    Swapan Rajdev
    linkedin linkedin

    Co-founder & CTO

    Swapan's passion is to build sophisticated applications with a simple design. He strives to improve himself,...

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    Haptik lead generation bot

    Conversational AI to Generate and Qualify Leads: Long lead forms, incomplete information, and lack of an immediate touch-point are key reasons why prospective customers drop off. Using a lead gen bot to meet the needs of tech-savvy, information-hungry and ever-demanding customers will help solve this issue.

    Haptik concierge bot

    Conversational AI to Engage and Retain Customers: Data indicates that websites and mobile apps, irrespective of high-quality design and UX, suffer from bounce-off/uninstall rates as high as 60%. With a concierge bot, you can effectively engage with and retain customers.

    Haptik customer service bot

    Conversational AI to Improve Customer Service: Long wait times, inconsistent communication standards, human error and high attrition rates are problems with customer service that impose significant costs on companies. These issues can be avoided by deploying a customer support bot, to scale up your customer service without scaling up your workforce.

    Haptik customer feedback bot

    Conversational AI to Provide Actionable Insights: Businesses have traditionally relied on survey forms and call centres for gathering customer feedback - both of which can be subjective and error-prone. A feedback bot leverages the power of conversational interfaces to help an enterprise better understand what their customers think about their products and services.

    Coronavirus Helpdesk

    Given the accessibility of WhatsApp as a medium and people’s preference to chat, Haptik built a chatbot called “Coronavirus Helpdesk”, available on WhatsApp, to shatter myths about the virus and suggest basic hygiene practices to help prevent it. One can access this by sending a WhatsApp message to the number +91 93213 98773.

    Based on data available on the WHO website and other reliable sources, the bot is trained to answer frequently asked questions on the new coronavirus. Some of these include information on following basic hygiene standards, preventive measures, common symptoms, travel advisory and myths amongst others. Moreover, the helpdesk also provides access to a video link on the novel coronavirus.


    Coca Cola
    HDFC Life
    Oyo Rooms
    Tata Group

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