National mission on natural language translation

Natural Language Translation


The Ministry of Electronics and IT will soon place before the Union Cabinet a ₹450 crore proposal for Natural Language Translation. The proposal is part of the 100-day action plan charted out by MeitY, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s instructions. It is one of the key missions identified by the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

The aim of this mission is to make opportunities and progress science and technology accessible to all, this mission aims to remove the barrier that a requirement of high level faculty in English poses today. Using a combination of machine and human translation, the mission will eventually enable access to teaching and researching material bilingually- in English and one's native Indian language. It is planned to set up an ecosystem which involves central and state government agencies and start-ups who will work with scientists and build implementable solution

Lead Agencies

  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • Department of Science and Technology 

Funding: ₹450 crore

Key Initiatives

Startups funding to use Natural Languages Platform.

In a welcome move, which is both technologically-forward and in keeping with the heterogeneous heritage of the country, the Central Government is reportedly set to fund 100 startups to use its artificial intelligence-powered language platform.

This platform, which will be used for translation services in numerous languages, will be opened for private use to allow both MNCs and startups alike for their language translation needs.

Initially, the Government will reportedly rely on text material available in both Hindi and English and will resort to Parliament documents and Election Commission notifications which are available in public domain and are usually issued in 22 languages.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has reportedly already started work on the programme, under the name Natural Languages Translation Mission.

Other Details


  • Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) is an overarching body for assessment, creation and implementation of major scientific, technology and innovation interventions for India.
  • It is a nine member body which has replaced the two Scientific Advisory Committees (SAC) for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
  • It is expected to act as a high level advisory body to several ministries and execute mission-oriented programmes.
  • The PM-STIAC will be chaired by the government’s Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA).
  • PM STIAC facilitates the PSA’s Office to assess the status in specific science and technology domains and advise the Prime Minister accordingly.

Besides natural language translation, other missions identified by the body includes Quantum Frontier, Artificial Intelligence, National Bio-diversity mission, electric vehicles, BioScience for Human Health and deep ocean exploration.