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AI video surveillance platform

In a first for India, Uttar Pradesh has deployed AI-enabled video analytics platform 'Jarvis' in 70 prisons to monitor inmates States like UP, Rajasthan and Punjab face huge challenge of increasing crime rates making it imperative for state police department and CM office to use technology like AI + IoT and Video technology for real time alerts, crime control and any threats to security of inmates in prisons across states.

  • Time to identify criminals and time to justice for crimes is lowest amongst developing countries hence since 2015 we saw creation of AI based Video analytics solutions.
  • AI Video Warden for Prisons in Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  • Staqu accessed ~1 million historic violence videos from UP Police on positioning of CCTV cameras. Following are some of the data points studied to build machine learning algorithm within Jarvis which is a ready to use platform from Staqu.

i. Inmates Movement Behaviour

ii. Inmates body language (Both suspicions and non- suspicions)

iii. Inmates conversations/ phrasings

iv. Visitor Inmates facial analysis

v. Correlate conspiracy executed with pre-recordings (Both successful and un-successful)

vi. Correlate criminal activity with pre-recordings

  • UP Police and Staqu implemented JARVIS Video Wall to monitor real time footage from CCTV cameras across a vast network, and then flags any segment that looks to contain unlawful activity.
  • JARVIS runs Real Time video data analysis from over 700 cameras installed across 70 prisons in UP with 24/7 data feeds on following parameters

i. Frisking of inmates

ii. Visitors facial and image recognition analysis

iii. Visitors behavioural analysis

iv. Crowd analysis

v. Acts of violence

vi. Unauthorised access

vii. Intrusion detection

viii. Fights

  • Key UP Police officials access Mobile App for Real Time insights on potential threats covering 900 km area across parameters like violence, unauthorised intrusions, illegal mobile phone and weapons.

Timeline: 6 to 8 months 

Approx $0.5 Million



Dedicated budget created by PMO of UP CM to work on future tech solutions across Healthcare, Crime/Police Department, Agriculture and Food departments.