IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (abbreviated IIT Delhi or IITD) is a public engineering institution located in Hauz Khas, Delhi, India. The Institute currently offers courses in artificial intelligence at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Key Initiatives

Data Analytics & Intelligence Research (DAIR)

AI ResearchData Science

DAIR is a fledgeling research group at IITD-CSE focused on combining and integrating various fields of data sciences such as machine learning, data management, and data mining towards the goal of building intelligent software systems. The DAIR Group has delved in building applications of national and international importance as well as solving fundamental scientific questions:

  • Scientific foci include studying the vitality of transient social networks, questions around efficient inference and learning in probabilistic graphical models, dynamic queries over large knowledge graphs, and inference of implicitly stated knowledge from textual documents. The Group has publications in areas such as graph mining, computer vision, information extraction (IE) and the recent papers have been accepted at flagship machine learning conferences such as IJCAI, NIPS, KDD.
  • DAIR has also undertaken projects of national importance such as the analysis of NREGA employment dataset and opinion mining of Indian political, social media feeds.


  • IIT-D offers AI and MI courses in dual degree program of B.Tech and M.Tech. It is a five year programmme with the students entitled to both B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering at the end of five years.
  • The undergraduate component of the dual degree programme is identical to that of the 4-year B.Tech. (CSE). This is followed with specialized elective courses in the 7th, 8th and 9th semesters and an intensive Master’s thesis in the 9th and 10th semesters.

Some of the papers offered in AI and ML under the above courses at IIT-D are:

  • COL333: Principles of Artificial Intelligence
  • COL341: Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • COL 671:Principles of Artificial Intelligence:
  • COL770: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • COL772: Natural Language Processing
  • COL774: Machine Learning
  • COL780: Computer Vision
  • COV878: Special Module in Machine Learning
  • COV884: Special Module in Artificial Intelligence

Research Partnerships

Research collaborations with researchers from universities like:

  • University of Washington
  • Rochester University
  • Max Plank Institute
  • Bar Ilan University
  • University of Texas Dallas
  • IIT Bombay
  • The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi and IBM announced a multi-year research collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The aim of the research is to discover novel AI techniques that can help organisations make informed decisions by being able to logically reason with their AI systems.
  • An MoU was signed between IIT Delhi and Prof. Soumitra Dutta & Dr Lourdes Casanova for the constitution of “The Soumitra Dutta Chair in Artificial Intelligence” at IIT Delhi. The two academicians have pledged a support of Rs 1 crore for the purpose.
  • The Chair has been named after Prof Soumitra Dutta who is a distinguished alumnus of IIT-Delhi, and it is envisaged to promote excellence and leadership in teaching, research and development in the field of artificial intelligence, and to facilitate wider and deeper interaction between the industry in general (and the Donor, in particular) and IIT-D faculty and students in general (and the incumbent appointed against the Chair, in particular).
  • The Group’s research has been funded by various national and international funding sources including research agencies in Korea and U.S., and private industrial sponsors such as Google and Yahoo! 

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