The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (abbreviated as IITB or IIT Bombay) is a public engineering institution located in Powai, Mumbai, India.

Key Initiatives

Centre for Indian Language Technology (CFILT)

NLPAI Research

Natural language processing research group Centre for Indian Language Technology (CFILT) lab at department of computer science and engineering at IIT Bombay undertakes research in the field of AI, machine learning etc. It has attracted large national and international funding from government and industry.

Key research areas include :

  • Machine Translation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Information Retrieval
  • Lexical Semantics
  • Information Extraction
  • Cognitive NLP

ASPIRE (Applied Science Park for Innovation Research & Entrepreneurship)

AI Research

IIT B unveiled their research park ASPIRE located on the outskirts of the campus. The idea is to foster entrepreneurship and build a strong industrial relationship by starting R&D centres on campus.

Research Efforts

AI ResearchMachine LearningData Science

IIT-B has published more than 15 papers under machine learning and data science such as Intelligence Sales Forecasting Engine using Genetic Algorithms, 2010 and one tailored for the ecommerce market, published in European Journal of Operational Research titled, A fast method for discovering critical edge sequences in e-commerce catalogs, 2007.


  • AI courses are offered under computer science and engineering department at IIT-Bombay. The institute offers B.Tech., B.Tech. Dual Degree, M.Tech., M.Tech. Dual Degree and Ph.D. programmes in Computer Science
  • The M.Tech. and Ph.D. are post-graduate programmes, the B. Tech. is the undergraduate programme, while the "B. Tech. Dual Degree" is a programme for five years

The AI and ML papers under B.Tech and M.Tech programme are as follows:

  • CS 335: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Lab)
  • CS 621: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 419: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CS 726: Advanced Machine Learning
  • CS 763: Computer Vision

Research Partnerships

  • Has entered into a multi-year collaboration with IBM to advance and accelerate the application of AI, machine learning, natural language processing and related technologies to business and industry.
  • Accenture has entered into a joint research collaboration with IIT Bombay and IIT Patna focused on the different application aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The focus areas of the program includes research in natural language processing, machine learning, neural network, virtual agents, deep learning and other areas of artificial intelligence
  • Partnered with Japanese IT major NEC Corporation’s subsidiary NEC Technologies India (NECTI) to solve a broad range of social challenges in India. The two organisations will joint research and make the necessary development in the field of big data analytics, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • One of the areas this joint R&D aims to explore is the use of big data analytics to optimize the movement of logistics containers across the country, which can result in shorter times for the delivery of goods and lower logistics cost.

Other Industry collaboration

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for research on deep semantics (UNL).
  • America Online (AOL) has set up joint research program on Sentiment Analysis.
  • HP Laboratories (HP Labs) have funded activities on ontologies.
  • Xerox India for work on parsing technologies.
  • Research Grant was obtained from Microsoft Research India for multilingual database creation based on Hindi Wordnet.
  • IBM India initiated research collaboration for Unstructured Information Management.

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