AI to improve children’s safety in schools and pre-schools using AI.


CamfyVision’s FacEAI-PRO enhance student safety and detect mishandling.

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Problem / Objective:

CamfyVision aims to improve children’s safety in schools and pre-schools using AI. It provides solutions for ensuring safety of kids in various spaces by running a search for kids missing from class, monitoring of school premises, etc. 

Solution / Approach:

CamfyVision is an AI-driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. They are working on emerging technologies like AI, ML, deep learning, and computer vision. They have developed a facial analytics solution called FacEAI-PRO based on deep learning, which is a highly scalable, ready-to-deploy solution for schools/pre-schools and the corporate sector. 

CamfyVision endeavours to enhance student safety and detect mishandling, by having an automated children and school staff management (teaching and non-teaching) system and real-time monitoring of schools by improving discipline and quality education, enhancing user experience, and eventually taking the Indian education system to an international level. 

Impact / Implementation:

In order to ensure a child’s safety in the classroom, there are alerts if a kid is found missing for more than 15 minutes. Parents, as well as the school safety staff, receive ‘entry and exit’ notifications when the child boards or de-boards the school vehicle. Moreover, if a kid is found missing for over 30 minutes in the school premise, alerts are sent to ensure an action is taken by the school authority.

Source: NASSCOM COE-DSAI AI for Good report

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