AI-powered smart glass for visually impaired


AptaI has designed AI glasses for the blind and visually-impaired.

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Problem / Objective:

India has a large number of people with visual imparities. This impacts the productivity as it limits people’s educational and economic opportunities, participation in the community contributing towards social isolation, and psychological maladjustment. 

Solution / Approach:

Aptagrim helps organisations gain insights from their data and use them to change the way a decision is made. This is achieved through a blend of machine learning, statistical analysis, data visualisation, optimisation, and data engineering techniques. 

Aptagrim’s solution, AptaI, is a smart glass with an integrated camera which helps the user capture images. These images are sent for processing to proprietary AptaI machine learning models which are deployed on smart glasses. Once the images are processed, the speech response is sent to the AptaI glass, which the user hears via the built-in speaker on the glass. AptaI is designed as AI glasses for the blind and visually-impaired. It is integrated with AI/ML models and features such as facial recognition TensorFlow model, emotion and gender detection, image captioning using CNN model, and navigation support with voice commands to guide in navigation using Google Maps. 

Impact / Implementation:

AptaI uses AI to provide the blind and visually-impaired with access to professional training and development, employment opportunities, financial independence, better education, good reading material beyond books in braille, and the ability to navigate around places with confidence. It empowers them to overcome environmental and social challenges such as navigating unfamiliar spaces, socialising with new people, etc. 


Source: NASSCOM COE-DSAI AI for Good report

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